Where advanced design meets lasting impact

We believe products should have a positive, lasting impact on people and the world around them.

Jeremy Wolf and Christopher Deak founded Nineforty Media to solve complex industrial design and branding challenges for clients ranging from Fortune 500’s to start-ups. Nineforty designs iconic, enduring experiences that captivate the curiosity and attention of consumers; our products, packaging, and branding innovations enable our clients to differentiate themselves and define their markets.


Our Core Values

We focus on people.


We work with awesome people. Every project we take on is useful and makes the world a better place.


We go all in.

We believe in each other and in every project we take on. We dwell in possibility. Your success is our mission.

We learn every day.


Hungry for knowledge, we’ll know more than we did yesterday and less than we will tomorrow.

We keep it simple.


Simple is beautiful. Simple is clear. Simple is effective. We cut through the clutter and get to the point.


We have fun.

We love our work. It shines through in every conversation, every line of code, and every brand we build.


We're honest.

Being direct and honest gets us to the best possible outcome efficiently and with confidence.